We like to talk about hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism from here in Dubai, UAE – the most active hub for these industries in the world. Don’t know what’s happening?…

HOSPITALITY: Dubai has the most hotel construction underway in the Middle East and Africa with more than 10,000 hotel rooms forecast to be added to its inventory each year in the lead up to 2020

LEISURE: Experts at PwC say that the UAE can rival world-leading leisure and entertainment destination Orlando, Florida by 2021

TRAVEL: Dubai is home to the world’s busiest airport for international passengers (Dubai International surpassed London Heathrow in 2014) and is undergoing major additional infrastructure projects

TOURISM: This is all in the lead up to the Dubai World Expo 2020, when the city is expected to welcome over 20 million tourists

It’s an exciting place to live and work – and we get to find out all of the latest as part of our role as the PR team for the dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa hospitality and leisure portfolio.

We organise: The Hotel Show Dubai, The Hotel Show Saudi Arabia, The Hotel Show Africa, The Leisure Show Dubai and Middle East Hospitality Awards.

Our industry-leading events allow us exclusive access to the latest industry news, events, reports and insights from leading sources.

Find out about the latest projects and trends from this part of the world first here, and what it’s like to live, work and travel from the heart of it all – Dubai.

Let’s talk about hospitality…

GET FEATURED: get in touch with our Editor at heathermacpherson@dmgeventsme.com


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