K.R. Moeller Associates Ltd. (KRM), a global developer and manufacturer of sound masking technology, are bringing their innovative new product, MODIO – a sound masking device specifically designed for hotel guest rooms – to Dubai for the first time at The Hotel Show in September.

MODIO provides a solution to one of the most common hotel guest complaints: noise.

Noise presents a significant operational and consumer issue for hotel owners, operators and guests. In 2011, a survey from JD Power based on hotel guest satisfaction ranked noise at the top of the list of complaints industry wide.

MODIO addresses the hotel noise problem using a sound similar to soft airflow. This covers up intruding noises or reduces their impact by minimizing the amount of change between volume peaks and the guest room’s baseline background sound level.

In the past, hotel guests have reported unsuccessfully trying to use the HVAC system, ‘white noise’ apps or other gadgets in this manner.

Niklas Moeller, Vice President, KRM, explains more: “It’s vital that the sound be properly generated, adjusted via effective volume and frequency controls, and produced over a high-quality loudspeaker. Introducing a poor-quality sound will irritate rather than help the guest. Other approaches haven’t caught on, because they simply can’t do the job.”

“Many hotel guest rooms exhibit the type of acoustic conditions we’ve successfully addressed in offices over the last forty years. Basically, their low ambient level makes it very easy for occupants to hear noises occurring in other areas, whether it’s from a conversation, television or telephone, mechanical or plumbing equipment, car or airplane traffic, the hotel’s pool or bar. These noises irritate guests and disrupt their sleep.”

Hotel owners/operators can choose to install MODIO in one or a few rooms with consistent noise problems, or in every room to prevent unforeseen complaints. The device quickly mounts to the back of any flat screen TV using standard VESA brackets, to furniture or the wall, allowing installation to be handled by the hotel maintenance staff in approximately 10 minutes.

MODIO’s location also means the device is virtually hidden and ensures the masking sound is evenly diffused into the bed area and across the room. The sound spectrum—or ‘curve’—MODIO produces is specifically engineered to balance acoustic control and occupant comfort. The dial on the control pad allows an occupant to set their room’s background sound level according to personal preference or as needed to cover disturbances.

“Guest feedback to our technology is very positive,” added Moeller. “They like the feature, feel it works well, and perceive it as an amenity. It also shows a proactive approach to dealing with noise in that the hotel is addressing it before it becomes a problem. It’s much better to prevent a complaint in the first place than try to fix it later.”

MODIO is certified for use in commercial applications in numerous regions around the world.

Experience MODIO at The Hotel Show Dubai 16-18th September 2018 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, stand 7A274. Find out more: www.thehotelshow.com

Written by talkabouthospitalitycom

Senior PR Manager, dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa hospitality portfolio. Find out more about our core events: www.thehotelshow.com / www.theleisureshow.com

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