Cake doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure if it comes packed full of healthy ingredients, is dairy and refined-sugar free, as well as allergy-conscious.

If you’re looking to kick start 2018 with a healthy outlook, Dubai’s first dessert delivery business – SugarMoo – is offering a range of sweet, but healthy treats which should help ease the transition from the festive season to January blues…

Its ‘HealthyMoo’ range offers healthier alternatives to cakes, cookies, and other sweet treats using organic ingredients from chia seeds to soy to avocado. And if you are trying ‘Veganuary’, they have just launched a timely new Vegan Menu.

With the fast-paced Dubai lifestyle making it one of the most popular cities for online delivery, the SugarMoo team have tapped in to a niche market with the unique option to order a wide range of unique or even customized desserts which are freshly baked and can be delivered straight to your door in 90 minutes or less.

SugarMoo founder Raki Phillips commented: “Nowadays, people are looking for new experiences, different from the norm or what they are used to, things that are out of the box – not the traditional.

“We call ourselves the ‘anti-cupcake establishment’ because people have got so used to having cupcakes wherever they go. As an alternative, we invented our ‘Cupookie’ which is a cookie cup you can fill with whatever you want from Nutella to popcorn – a mix of the traditional with a hybrid variation. We are even keeping our customer’s on the edge of their seats waiting to hear about our Cupookie of the Month where we release a seasonal Cupookie every month.

“In honor of Veganuary, we have launched a ‘Vegan Strawberry Smoothie Cupookie’, just like a smoothie in a bowl but we have chucked that bowl out and replaced it with a chocolate vegan Cupookie base!

“You won’t find your usual every day cake at SugarMoo. Our ‘Healthy Moo’ line includes everything from allergy free cakes to no sugar – we sweeten the desserts with honey instead. None of our desserts have any preservatives so everything we use is natural, and we get to cater to the wider community.”

According to Phillips, the most popular SugarMoo dessert for the Dubai community remains its staple Red Velvet cake with a unique cream cheese chocolate frosting in between layers of crushed Oreos, which has won various awards.

Phillips added: “We play around with a lot of ingredients such as cereals, we bring together hybrids of different desserts, or variations of East meets West. I feel that we have been most innovative in our healthy lines, however. Instead of using sweets we have ‘chocolate mud pud mousse’ made out of avocado, for example, which is absolutely delicious but yeah, it’s good for you.”

“In our Vegan line, we have also created a chocolate chickpea mousse which we are calling a chocolate hummos!”

Online delivery service ‘Just Eat’ is calling veganism the top consumer trend going in to 2018 with people from all over the world becoming more aware of healthy and ethical lifestyle choices.

With ‘going vegan’ dominating the media and the restaurant industry with options becoming more and more frequent, it is surely only a matter of time until HealthyMoo’s ‘Vegan Cake’ starts to rival SugarMoo’s ‘Red Velvet Oreo Cake’ in the popularity stakes…

Here is the latest line of cakes, cookies and other treats in the HealthyMoo and its brand-new Vegan Dessert range for 2018:

Vegan Cake
SugarMoo says: “This is our crazy cake enlarged for parties and topped with berries. No EGGS, No DAIRY, No BUTTER. You won’t believe how tasty it is! For those with allergies, no worries! We got you covered! With Cake!” Find out more


Vegan Peanut Butter Brownie
SugarMoo says: “A chocolatey, peanut butter brownie that’s fudgy and gooey with caramel!” Find out more

Peanut Butter Brownie Web

Skinny Black Forest
SugarMoo says: “Layers of chocolate cake made with a natural sweetener, vegetarian cream and black berries.” Find out more


Avocado Choco Mud Jar
SugarMoo says: “Layers of healthy chocolate mousse made with fresh Avocado with chunks of our vegan crazy cake packed into a dessert jar and drizzled with a touch of natural honey.”  Find out more


Oatmeal Goodness Cookies
SugarMoo says: “These are healthy by all means. They are a blend of dry cherries, honey and cinnamon. Delivered in a pack of three to enjoy one by one!”  Find out more

Oatmeal Goodness - Web

Coconut Chia Pudding in a jar
SugarMoo says: “These deliciously healthy chia puddings are made from fresh ingredients and are refined sugar free. We use raw vanilla beans instead of the processed vanilla. We top with fresh fruits, granola and a drizzle of honey. Healthy never tasted so good!”
Find out more


Vegan Brownie Mess in a jar
SugarMoo says: “Chunks of our most loved crazy cake in between layers of the yummiest vegan chocolate mousse you’ve ever tasted, you would never know there was chickpeas in it! Drizzled with a generous amount of coconut caramel sauce.”  Find out more: Find out more


Other vegan desserts in the new range include: Coco Truffles, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Lotus Vegan Brownies.

See the full range of SugarMoo products and read more about its customization and other options at:

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