A brand new ice hotel has just opened in Finland designed after the characters, scenes and landscapes in HBO’s epic fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones’.

The ‘Lapland Hotel SnowVillage’ has transformed its annual ice hotel experience into a GoT-inspired frozen resort in collaboration with HBO Nordic.


GoT may not hit our screens again until 2019, but fans of the show can experience its colder landscapes (the Wall and the place beyond…anyone?) at the hotel for a limited time as summer is coming! The seasonal resort is only open until April 8th of this year.

Come face to face with GoT’s iconic ‘White Walkers’ in the form of giant ice sculptures and experience some of the more memorable features from the show such as the ‘Hall of Faces’ or a dragon, shaped in to a slide!


Located in Kittilä, within the Lapland region, just over an hour’s flight from Helsinki, the impressive hotel took only a month to build from just ice and snow by professional sculptors from the likes of Russia and Poland.

It has 24 rooms and ten suites, each with unique sculptures. Its temperature is on average just 23 degrees Fahrenheit, but this is warm in comparison to its surroundings at a mere 10 degrees. According to Conde Nast Traveler, the hotel recommends staying just one night, with the option to enjoy the rest of a stay at the ‘SnowVillage’ from one of its warmer cabins close by.

The hotel also encourages day visits, as there is much more on offer at the SnowVillage: reindeer rides, ice sculpture workshops, husky safaris, an ice movie theatre, ice restaurant (with local fare such as reindeer on the menu) and the Ice Bar.


Rooms at the Lapland Hotel SnowVillage start at $200, whilst entry to the SnowVillage for a day is $18. Find out more at: www.laplandhotels.com 



Written by talkabouthospitalitycom

Senior PR Manager, dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa hospitality portfolio. Find out more about our core events: www.thehotelshow.com / www.theleisureshow.com

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