According to Bupa Global, nearly 90 per cent of UAE residents don’t get enough sleep, making them susceptible to a host of lifestyle diseases.

Sleep plays a big part in just about everything we do in our lives, essential for our physical and mental power throughout the day, and we are not getting enough.

As explained by the National Sleep Foundation: “Our cells grow and repair while we sleep and our immune system is strengthened by sleep which helps slow the aging process.

Good quality sleep, seven or even ten hours of sleep can be powerful enough to rejuvenate. But, some may say they only dream of uninterrupted sleep, either woken by their children, worries, things to remember or do.

In search for ways to reduce stress and have an improved lifestyle, all over the world people are turning to innovative or traditional methods to get clean sleep. It has never been more important to us. From relaxation techniques to changing pillows, aromas to removing tech from the bedroom, sleep centres to eating well, we are on our way to a better sleep!

An independent market research survey by Neom Organics, currently the fastest growing wellbeing brand in the UK, found that 1 in 2 people feel that better quality and quantity of sleep would make them less stressed.

According to the creators of Neom Organics: “This is about easy and positive changes that really STICK and really WORK. It’s not about popping a pill or buying an insanely expensive mattress – it’s about looking at your sleep from every perspective, in a way that wakes you up to the simple solutions.”

Neom Organics has created a range of award-winning products that not only smell wonderful but also have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body, helping to transform the way people feel.

Pearl Tree are the regional distribution partner of Neom Organics, responsible for bringing the brand from the UK to the Middle East.

There are plenty of methods out there that will help you improve your sleep. Pearl Tree offers you five simple tried and tested ways to achieve clean sleep.

Pearl Tree’s top five tips for better sleep: 

  1. Cosy up in natural materials

Studies have proven that we all sleep best when wearing breathable cotton clothes, as it helps us stay cool. Keep your bedding natural too – we love linen and silk – to ensure that your sleep environment temp stays at a cool 17 to 21 degrees (that’s your sleep sweet spot).

  1. Beautify your bedroom

Make your sleeping space a welcoming haven with freshly washed linen, Neom’s English lavender, chamomile & patchouli pillow mist, your favourite keepsakes, green plants and a relaxing read on the nightstand… um, is it bedtime yet??

  1. Two-do list

If the next day’s to-do list keeps waking you up in the middle of the night, take two mins to jot things down BEFORE you get into bed – signaling your brain to switch off and quit worrying. Studies have shown this helps to relax us.

  1. Shower with English lavender

Don’t have time for a sleepy bath? Try a sleepy shower instead! Rub a full pipette of Neom’s Tranquillity Bath & Shower Drops onto your skin before showering – hot water + potent essential oils, English lavender, sweet basil & jasmine plus 16 other essential oils, to help you sleep.

  1. Night mode

Be mindful of your tech habits – by setting all of your devices to automatic night mode after 7pm, your brain won’t get confused by the blue light, which makes our brains think it’s sunrise (not great when it’s actually coming up to bedtime!).

Bonus tip: Spread the sleepy vibe across the family

Neom’s Scent to Sleep™ range is safe for all of the family to use. Children can also benefit from a good night’s sleep and lovely soft skin with Neom’s Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam just before bed. Using marshmallow and coconut oil, and English lavender you can a blissful pre-sleep haven.

Find out more about Neom Organics at:


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