Andrew Copeland, Area Manager at Hotel Art talks about why their New York Based company is bringing its range of innovative wall art to Dubai at The Hotel Show this month.

Hotel Art is a US company based in New York, New York, with branches in Canada, Australia and the UK, that specializes in producing high quality wall art, with hotels and the hospitality industry in mind.

Since 2008, we have been creating, producing and delivering a wide range of innovative wall art, from split panel canvas prints to LED-lit panels to Gold/Silver/Metallic wall art, to distinctive geometrical designs to Sound Absorption Foam panels, and can customize any of these designs with anything the client wants. We are well versed in producing and delivering large orders and will often ship orders of over 800 pieces several times a year.

Our product is unique, of high quality, and affordable and because our company is the entire chain, from order to production to delivery, we always take care of our customers.

Is this the first time that you have exhibited your products in the Middle East?

This will be the first time Hotel Art is coming to the Middle East and we are truly excited about this meeting of East and West.  Why?  Because our product is vibrant wall art and, as the word “art” indicates, creativity and artistry is our destination.  We know we will inspire those who come see our innovative wall art at the trade show (3F130) and we, in turn, will be inspired by the distinct and vibrant culture of the Middle East and discover new creative designs.

Why is Dubai an important market for you?

Dubai is an important market for Hotel Art because of its renowned international reputation for high-end service and luxury accommodations.  We are certain that our range of products will meet and exceed the demands of this region because one of our many strengths is that we can fully customize our wall hangings.  Each hotel has its own dimensions and specific wall spaces that will often require something specially designed to fit. At Hotel Art, we can produce any size or shape of wall art so they can come to us with any request and we will fulfill it.

Filling wall space is not just about proportions but, of course, also about the art. It must be right for the room, fit the decor, while standing out as being exceptional.  Beyond our complete selection of superb images, we can also take any image the client might have and put it on any design. To show this, we are bringing a few pieces of iconic imagery of the city of Dubai and of the natural environment, which will be displayed at the trade show for the very first time.  They are, in fact, the only pieces in existence thus far and show how we can produce anything that our clients want.

This can be a lot of work of course, for any designer, but we also offer hotels a chance to see their selection before deciding.  They can send us photographs of their rooms, or after the trade show concludes this year in Dubai, at their request, our photographer and representative will come to their premise and take photos of specific rooms, and we will send a mock-up, giving them the opportunity to see their wall art in context, and finally, an obligation free sample will be sent before they need to decide.

What are current trends that you are witnessing in global hospitality design?

The hospitality industry, as a whole, is moving more and more towards a personalized and hands on approach in order to give its clients a unique and welcoming experience.  Travel and tourism have become the bedrock in many a city, and in order to attract business from an ever more experienced and demanding clientele, they must constantly innovate and seek out new ways to entice guests into their establishments. This can be quite demanding for any industry, but is particularly so for the hospitably sector due to the continuously evolving tastes of its guests.  We know that this is where Hotel Art can bring a level of stability to any hotel or restaurant looking for tasteful and creative wall art.  We take care of the innovation side of producing inspiring wall art and give them the opportunity to focus on their guests.

Over the last decade or so, New York City has begun what might be the grandest of all urban reinventions, becoming as livable as a city can be with its hotels leading the way in innovation and modern comforts. Today, New York fosters an environment where design, architecture, sustainability, and innovation are thriving, giving hotel guests the highest level of comfort surrounded by quality wall art designs. Because NYC hotels need to maximize on the limited space they have and Dubai hotels have the luxury of more space, this gives Dubai the perfect opportunity to creating stunning exterior and interior designs. Innovating wall space plays and will continue to play a vital role in giving guests an inspiring and unforgettable stay.

For more information, go to or visit the ‘Hotel Art’ team from the 18th-20th September at the Hotel Show Dubai in Hall 3 at stand number 3F130.


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