“The lighting industry is undergoing a rapid transformation in the Middle East. The LED lighting trend is one that has staying power and is gaining traction with every passing year.” Veit Mueller SVP, Zumtobel Group

As they are announced as a sponsor of the highly-anticipated Middle East Hospitality Awards 2017, Talk About Hospitality speaks to the SVP of Zumtobel Group – a leading player in the field of innovative lighting solutions and components – about current lighting trends in the Middle East.

What do you consider to be the most important current, global trends in the world of light?

Lighting design can be more creative than you probably ever imagined. The LED lighting trend is one that has staying power and is gaining traction with every passing year. When total energy costs are considered over the long term, LED lighting is both more affordable and more practical than other alternatives. While the upfront costs for LED lighting do tend to be higher, the overall energy costs associated with LED lighting are considerably lower when calculated over an entire lifespan of use.

Zumtobel Group aims to keep the title as a market and innovation leader and play a pioneering role in the lighting industry and has been working on a 100% LED portfolio by end of this Business Year.

Why is LED lighting so important for the future of lighting design and would you say that Dubai is one of the cities leading the way?

The lighting industry is undergoing a rapid transformation in the Middle East.

By combining LED technology with the infinite possibilities of today’s connected ‘smart’ world, light and lighting design are now open to a whole new world of possibilities and solutions.

It’s all about activity-based lighting, which means having light where it is actually required. Things like daylight sensors measure the actual daylight inside the room and then adjust the artificial light accordingly, to ensure excellent visibility.

Tell us more about the Zumtobel Group, its plans, vision and current projects?

With its internationally established brands, Zumtobel, ACDC,Thorn, Reiss and Tridonic, as well as the Zumtobel Group Services, the Group offers its customers around the world a comprehensive range of products and services.

As a leader in innovation, Zumtobel Group develops sustainable lighting solutions tailored to the needs of people in their respective applications. With a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality luminaires and intelligent lighting management systems, we provide optimum indoor and exterior products for working and living spaces – the right light for every activity at any time of day. The applications office, education, presentation and retail, hotel and wellness, health, art and culture and industry are now perfectly complemented with portfolios for living and outdoor areas.

More and more customers are now asking for external support to help with the increasingly complicated task of project management and the newly launched Zumtobel Group Services can now fulfil the role of a general contractor, offering comprehensive project management services for lighting installations and renovation projects. With its new COMPLETE service, ZGS looks after the specification and planning, including all the project and facility documentation required by law, along with the supply of luminaires and control units, the removal of existing fittings and the installation of the new lighting solution. The agreement can even cover the disposal of hardware for retrofit projects. Zumtobel Group Services experts will also deal with the procurement by tender and management of external service providers.

Pictured: Zumtobel Group worked on the innovative lighting for the Burj al Arab’s new, sublime gold-cladded bar: Gold on 27

How is the company helping Dubai to stay at the forefront of innovative lighting design?

Lighting is set to be a cornerstone for the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. Together with our partners we are exploring the combination of lighting and IoT. With the “Internet of Light” we will create new, improved experiences and services in commercial, building, and city spaces. Lighting in the internet of things enables us to understand human behaviour more efficiently. Collaborative partnerships will create a huge platform for innovation in this new connected world. Light today is not just light. It is a sensor for temperature, air quality and attendance, extracting the benefits of a building to the maximum.

IoT lighting environments use chips, sensors, and network connections to support richer than normal lighting controls, facilitating features such as color temperature adjustments, and allowing lights to respond to a wide array of inputs. At the same time, the lighting infrastructure can collect data about building operations such as occupancy, helping facility managers better know when to turn heat on or off, how to reassign rooms and floors, and so forth. In retail, lighting that track the movement of individuals around a retail space, which gives critical feedback to retailers on how people move about the store, points of sale (POS) that are doing well and how long people spend shopping.

Why is hospitality an important sector for the Zumtobel Group?

The GCC hotel market is dominated by luxury, up-market establishments, however, with growing importance of emerging millennial travellers, global traveller trends have shifted dramatically. More and more travellers, even those who can afford luxury, are opting to stay in affordable hotels. Dubai is working towards growing its inventory of mid-scale hotels to address a huge market gap, and in support of this trend, Zumtobel Group has selected to support the Mid-Market Hotel of the Year category at the Middle East Hospitality Awards 2017.

Light is becoming increasingly important in hospitality: besides energy efficient and target group specific lighting solutions as well as the ideal presentation of areas, the topic of “connected lighting” is of considerable importance. The Zumtobel Group and its brands support all sectors with comprehensive lighting solutions that are tailored to their customer’s needs. Architectural lighting forms the very backbone of superior hospitality design. Zumtobel group offers a wide range of lighting solutions and services for the hospitality industry. Ranging from lighting for hotel lobbies to restaurants, bars, corridors, meeting facilities, wellness and guest rooms, to façade fixtures, functional solutions and aesthetic landscape lighting.

With the strategic acquisition of ACDC in 2015 to the Zumtobel Group existing brand and product portfolio this has strengthened the market position in the areas of architectural façade and hospitality lighting.

Tell us more about what the Zumtobel Group is doing with the hospitality industry here in Dubai?

With a number of projects focusing on indoor and outdoor lighting, Zumtobel Group is working on a number of high-end hospitality refurbishment projects across the Middle East. Dhofar Beach Resort in Oman and Bvlgari Hotel & Residences are two major upcoming projects, alongside continued work for brands including The Address, Aloft, and Holiday Inn – the latter being one of the most active brands for mid-market hotel construction in the region.

To find out more about the Zumtobel Group, access: www.zumtobelgroup.com

Written by talkabouthospitalitycom

Senior PR Manager, dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa hospitality portfolio. Find out more about our core events: www.thehotelshow.com / www.theleisureshow.com

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