We recently visited The Palace Downtown Dubai to check out its renowned views of the Burj Khalifa for our last blog post (Ten top venues for spectacular Dubai views) and aren’t we glad we stayed for the brunch… Here are ten top things to look out for at the hotel’s signature Friday feast at EWAAN:

1) First-class service

This is a brunch where, no matter how busy it gets, you know that the first-class service will not be compromised. The staff are extremely helpful and attentive, and at a few points anticipated what we needed without us yet asking for help.

2) A touch of Arabia

EWAAN is not exclusively an Arabic brunch as it features a wide selection of cuisines from all over the world. Its Arabic station has a great selection from kofta and hot grills to hummus and fattoush – but it is its design and surroundings that truly give it the feeling of being immersed in Arabia. The Palace is located in the heart of Downtown Dubai – surrounded by some of the city’s most iconic structures including Burj Khalifa and Souk Al Bahar which represent old and new Dubai. With luxurious Arabesque patterns, gold furnishings, grand arch entranceways and much more – as a group of millennials, some of us still new to Dubai – we truly appreciated the Arabian experience.


3) Something for everyone

Families, groups of friends, couples…EWAAN truly caters to all types of people and tastes with one of the most extensive food and beverage selections you can experience at a Dubai brunch. The atmosphere is chilled, yet animated with a live band playing everything from Adele to Justin Bieber to the theme tune from ‘Game of Thrones’. The beverage selection ranges from tasty ‘DETOX drinks’ (don’t miss the ‘Passion Melon’ option here) to Laurent Perrier champagne…while there are various vegetarian options next to extensive meat and fish stations.

4) Interactive cooking stations

Composed by a selection of live stations with Chefs interacting with customers, a wide range of fresh ingredients on order can be cooked to personal taste. There is also the chance to get involved in the cooking process at some stations. My colleague was particularly impressed with getting to shave a massive parmesan cheese to season a pasta dish to her own preference.


5) Terrace BBQ

The terrace overlooks the hotel’s impressive swimming pool in a serene garden setting and its BBQ station is one of the most popular elements of the brunch. Directed by Chef Khaled, a vast range of premium cuts are grilled to your taste; Australian tenderloin and strip loin, lobster and the finest kebabs including chicken and tuna.


6) Outside seating with unrivalled views of Downtown Dubai

We sat outside on the terrace, and on a Friday in mid-November the temperature was perfection. The views of the pool were relaxing and looking further beyond, the spectacular Burj Khalifa and Dubai Opera were clear landmarks in the overall, stunning, setting.

7) Meat feast: BBQ, carving station, Pan-Asian corner and foie gras terrine

On top of the great meat on offer at the terrace BBQ, the ‘carving station’ features a selection of roasted lamb rack, beef rack, veal leg, Yorkshire puddings and sauces alongside whole roasted fish and lobster thermidor for seafood lovers. At the ‘Pan-Asian corner’ full, roasted ducks are on display ready to create delicious Peking duck pancakes. Meanwhile at the home-made foie gras terrine station, you can try the most delicious specialty from the hotels Executive Sous Chef Cedric Dagois.

8) Seafood delicacies

It’s a seafood lover’s heaven at EWAAN, with the most extensive selection of sea food delicacies. A top-class sushi station features live maki and sashimi, whilst a pan-fried scallops station features produce imported from Scotland the day before. A whole, massive tuna fish resides in the center of the room served to perfection – surrounded by lobster, langoustine, prawns, crabs and other delicious sea foods.


9) The chocolate bar

After a savory feast, the dessert station takes up its own separate space at the brunch where a chocolate fountain resides surrounded by a selection of sweet creations presenting the best French quality chocolate, cakes, fruits and much more. Look out for the ‘Oreo white chocolate cheesecake’.


10) Continue late into the evening at FAI with fantastic fountain views

Encircled by water with the Palace’s stunning swimming pool and next to the lake where the Dubai Fountains dance for 100s of spectators every evening, Asian-inspired FAI is a vibrant cocktail lounge with good music, great cocktails and shisha, and amazing views of the Burj Khalifa. After brunch ended at 4pm we moved here to watch Downtown Dubai come to life and didn’t leave until much later in the evening. Happy hour drinks are from 4pm-6pm at FAI.


Our verdict: A great day out for everyone – top-quality food and drink, a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere, and the most spectacular views of Downtown Dubai.

1,001 flavours brunch at Ewaan | Every Friday, 1 pm to 4.30 pm | Website: www.theaddress.com/ewaan | Reservation number: +97148883444

Detox Brunch – AED 325 per person – A range of healthy detox beverages high in antioxidants as well as freshly squeezed juices, water, coffee and tea

Premium Brunch – AED 480 per person – A selection of premium grape beverages and ports as well as freshly squeezed juices, water, coffee and tea

Luxurious Brunch – AED 695 per person – An exquisite selection of premium grape beverages and free flowing bubbly, as well as freshly squeezed juices, water, coffee and tea

Written by talkabouthospitalitycom

Senior PR Manager, dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa hospitality portfolio. Find out more about our core events: www.thehotelshow.com / www.theleisureshow.com

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