Hospitality experts from around the world jetted into Dubai last week to panel what proved to be a fascinating discussion on the future of the hotel guest experience.

‘The Evolution of the Guest Experience’ talk took place in the buzzing Dubai Design District as part of the city’s week long design festival.

And what was its conclusion? Well, simply put, that a hotel stay should be just like wearing a pair of Louboutin’s.

Lost? Well stay with us.

Marilyn Monroe once famously said: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world,” putting into words the mental (and literal) elevation a woman experiences when she slides on a stunning pair of heels.

As far as modern hoteliers from the likes of Colliers International and the Chelsea College of Arts are concerned, providing guests with that exact, unforgettable feeling is exactly where the future lies for hospitality.

So exactly how do the two compare? Let’s break it down:

They are both memorable experiences

One of the many reasons that Louboutin’s are so popular with women is that wearing them is in itself a unique experience. The size of the heel and the shape of the shoe is said to enhance a woman’s natural shape and posture. This design is unique to the point where the woman will walk differently according to the shoe. Hotel stays are becoming just that: more experiential – in turn, making them far more memorable. From hotels set deep within theme parks, to resorts that have everything from water parks and beauty salons, to open kitchens where the guest can pick the exact ingredients for their food. You simply won’t forget it!

Your stature is enhanced

Louboutin’s, with their skyscraper heels and the positioning of the sole, are designed to elevate a woman’s height, positioning her in a way which is said to augment her natural body shape to bring out its absolute best. They are also a unique, high-end, luxury product that women like to be seen in. Experts at the talk mentioned the importance of considering popular social media such as Instagram in the design of today’s hotels. People want to be associated with places and experiences that represent their unique personality and tastes. They are also looking for picturesque or ‘shareable’ content for their various, visual online channels.

The red sole is “unexpected”

The iconic red sole – which features across all of the shoes in the Louboutin range – is unique and “unexpected”, particularly when a shoe is black, or white. Today’s tech and travel savvy guests (particularly the millennial generation) like to be surprised. In a world where there is so much content presented to us on a daily basis online and offline, having something that is capable of attracting, and holding our attention is now vital in creating a truly memorable hotel stay. That can range from the likes of TVs hidden in bathroom mirrors, all the way through to the Mauritius hotel that changed the décor of its restaurant on a nightly basis. Unexpected experiences like these provide millennials with the opportunity to share ultra-cool content with the millions of people just a click away on social media…and they could not be happier about it.

Written by talkabouthospitalitycom

Senior PR Manager, dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa hospitality portfolio. Find out more about our core events: /

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