Hotelier Middle East recently posted an article on ’10 mega-trends in the international F&B industry’ according to Charles Banks, co-founder of The Food People. Here are the 10 trends identified to be making an impact on the global food & beverage industry:

  1. Experience is everything
    “Consumers are no longer just buying a meal, they are buying an experience. An experience that is multi-faceted and offers a taste sensation, as well as a feast for the eyes and ears with aesthetics, colour and sounds. This is about going above and beyond simply food. Sub trend: Open kitchens – getting up and close and personal with chefs cooking your food, allowing for trust, transparency and a story to unfold around your dining experience.”
  2. Creating the context
    “As consumers become more adventurous with their food, chefs are getting more experimental. Polar opposites are merging to create new and exciting experiences and foods and traditional rules and boundaries are gone, it’s all about creativity.
    Sub-trend: Forever hybrids – hybrids have been causing a gastronomical buzz for the last few years. Alongside the classic crossover of formats there are now foodie cocktails, milkshakes adorned with treats and the playful reinvention of desserts.”
  3. Food ‘done better’
    “There is little room left for substandard, with a considered elevation in the quality of food – in even the simplest of dishes, everything is being done better. Sub-trend: Elevated barbecue – the Influence of American barbecue is still going strong; however barbecuing techniques from around the world are also being showcased.”
  4. No barriers
    “The rule book for typical meal times has long been thrown out and we’re embracing the blurring and melding of day parts, all-day eating, extended opening hours and on-the-go flexible eating. Having whatever you want, whenever you want it reflects the consumer’s hectic lifestyle and demand for food that fits in with their lifestyle, not the other way around. Sub-trend: Third-party delivery – your favourite restaurant food brought to you, no hassle, simply delivered to your door. Good for restaurants, who don’t typically offer takeaway options, great for consumers, who want to eat in.”
  5. Casual is king 
    “Dining out of home is normal and eating on the street is now acceptable. Consumers are far more relaxed about eating and restaurants are reflecting this, being more relaxed than ever before. From service styles to seating arrangements, the whole ambiance is much more laid-back. Sub-trend: Sharing is commonplace – sharing is the new way of eating as consumers look to make an experience out of the everyday. From cocktails to meals, the sharing revolution is here to stay.”
  6. Healthy lifestyle
    “Consumers of all ages, across the globe are paying more attention than ever to their wellbeing and role that food and drink has to play in staying healthy, looking good and feeling great. Sub-trend: Veganism in Vogue – the health trend for 2016, veganism is no longer associated with punishing raw cucumber, but rather with fine dining restaurants offering dedicated vegan menus at Michelin-starred level.”
  7. The Green Issue
    “Taking things back to basics and focusing on natural, unprocessed and often raw ingredients, with a focus on health, transparency and waste. Sub-trend: Waste is food – this movement is also about making the most of every food asset whatever it looks like even the ugly ones including roots and peelings. Embrace the imperfect!”
  8. Eat your area
    “Consumers want things local, extra local. As a way of cutting down food air miles, and supporting local producers, we are seeing a big rise in local produce, ingredients made in-house and chefs telling us all about it on their menus. Sub-trend: Made in-house – the most local it can get: the in-house production of vegetables, herbs, ferments, spirits, and syrups. Chefs are cultivating micro herbs on hydroponic walls and growing greens on rooftop gardens.”
  9. Mass customisation
    “Consumers want new flavours, better options and continually crave novelty. Customisable food offers creative and unique options whilst ensuring that the consumer is always in control. There’s something out there for everybody. Sub-trend: Condiments Galore – ultimate customisation and endless flavour, condiments are taking over as the best way to customise and create your own flavour with consumers layering condiments to get the best taste.”
  10. Enabled by technology 
    “How technology interfaces with the dining world and how it is changing the ways in which we eat. Placing food orders on interactive screens, using smartphone apps to order remotely and having food delivered by robots or drones. Our world is changing, and rapidly. Sub-trend: Robotic restauranteering – it sounds like the next sci-fi film but it really is coming…”

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