The first thought I had when reading this headline was that a new hotel must be under development in Las Vegas. Vegas has historically dominated lists of the largest hotels in the world with its massive complexes featuring major casinos, nightclubs and theme park-style attractions. According to STR (via CNN) the top 5 largest hotels in the world (according to the number of rooms) are:

1. MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas (with 6,198 rooms)
2. First World Hotel, Malaysia (with 6,118 rooms)
3. Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas (with 4,400 rooms)
4. Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas (with 4,332 rooms)
5. The Venetian, Las Vegas (with 4,049 rooms)

In 2017, with a whopping 10,000 rooms, the largest hotel in the world will open in…Saudi Arabia.

A very different hotel to those which reside in Las Vegas, the US $ 3.5 billion Abraj Kudai will be based in Mecca close to the site of the largest mosque in the world – The Masjid al-Haram. Currently under construction, the major development will comprise of 12 towers; 10 of which will house 4-star accommodation, while 2 will provide luxury 5-star rooms. Also set to have 70 restaurants, a convention centre and five rooftop helipads, the new hotel is designed to cater for Muslims on annual pilgrimage to Mecca.




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